Award Winning Metis Author Shelly Ann

Presents the

Set Yourself Free Workshop!

Don’t sit and wait for change, Stand up and be the change!

Free yourself from the deep-rooted effects of child abuse!

Shelly Ann, a childhood abuse survivor, is now accepting bookings for this two day workshop promoting a path to healing from childhood abuse and trauma. As a survivor, Shelly Ann will share her personal journey to overcome the extreme emotional, mental, physical and sexual abuse that she endured as a child. By sharing her story, she will help other victims to understand that they are not alone and what they are experiencing in negative thought and behavioral patterns are normal responses to abuse. Most importantly, Shelly Ann will show victims that they are not alone and someone does completely understand them and is willing to help them to understand themselves.

During this two day workshop, Shelly Ann will provide the tools that are needed to help other victims overcome their issues with anger, pain, grief, depression, self loathing, low self esteem and thoughts of suicide. By sharing her insight and personal healing journey, she will help other victims become victors.

This workshop focuses on:

- understanding the negative affects child abuse has had in their lives

- what tools are needed to overcome the negative responses

- how to forgive themselves for choices they have made as adults

- inspiring victims to move forward in their personal healing journey

- provide victims with a sense of growth and empowerment

This workshop provides:

- handout materials

- presentation slide show

- presentation by Shelly Ann

- group discussions plus open floor questions and answers

- Shelly Ann can be available for community follow up

If you are interested in bringing Shelly Ann and this workshop to your community, send an email now to

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